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Info GPS

Dear travelers,

We have traveled this route, we have documented it in terms of GPS coordinates for each stage. The guide is a very good tool, and these files can add a certainty to those who want it. Certainly, the route can also go without this information. The most important is the guide! Below are the stages of the first in-use route and a description of downloadable files from the site and then used on your devices.


Stage 1. Poiana Stampei - Lunca Ilvei 

Stage 2. Lunca Ilvei - Tasuleasa Social

Stage 3. Tasuleasa Social - Bistrita Bargaului 

Stage 4. Bistrita Bargaului - Petris 

Stage 5. Petris - Jeica 

Stage 6. Jeica - Sieut

Stage 7. Sieut - Sacalu de Padure 

Here are some details about what to find in each directory you can download:

  • Level profiles in pdf format. The profiles for each stage drawn from north to south. The format is pdf and should be able to be unfolded at the curve level in any graphics application and then edited. In the case of non-oriented north-south steps (eg Stage 1, the profile is drawn from the first name - Poiana Stampei - to the second).
  • .Gpx files (gps) for mobile devices. For those who want to load the route on their own devices, steps are included in gpx format.
  • .Kmz file all the marked path. A kernel file viewable in Google Earth with all stages of the marked path. It helps to dynamically preview the route before it is traveled.
  • Stage route statistics - .docx file. The statistics for each stage, calculated in both directions. The explanations of each field are as follows:
    • Start height: the altitude from where the stage starts in meters;
    • End height: the altitude at which the mileage ends;
    • Path length: length of the mileage (km);
    • Straight-line distance: straight line distance between start and end expressed in km;
    • Vertical difference (Start to Finish): the difference between the start and end level in meters (attention, does not include the total ascents / descents on the route!)
    • total climbing: the difference in the positive level -ur- (m) and the total climb distance (km);
    • total descending: Negative level difference-Descending (m) and Total descending distance (km);
    • minimum height on the path: minimum height reached in step (m);
    • maximum height on the path: maximum height reached in step (m).