Via Transilvanica - Concept Via Transilvanica - Concept


Via Transilvanica is a long-distance trail, a concept known and encountered all over the world, whether it be pilgrimage routes such as the El Camino, the Way of St James or North American wilderness trails such as the Appalachian Trail.

Our vision is to have a world-class long-distance trail that connects diverse regions and communities, allowing us to discover Transylvania and Romania, while experiencing unique experiences in an authentic, varied natural and cultural setting that we can be proud of forever both locally and internationally.

The signage of the project is an integral part of the general concept, so we thought of a route on which no hiker is allowed to get lost. On the more than 1400 km hikers will find the symbol of the route in the form of natural stone (andesite) bollards installed from km to km, along with signposts at intersections and very frequent paint markings. These andesite bollards are works of art individually sculpted in the Tășuleasa Social campus sculpture camps by Romanian or foreign sculptors. The kilometer stones are the identity element that make Via Transilvanica one of the largest outdoor sculpture exhibitions in the world that we invite you to discover on the move.


Contribute to the maintenance and development of the Via Transilvanica path, through a simple or recurring donation!

Redirect 3,5%
Redirect 3,5% from taxes to Tășuleasa Social Association, the founder and the one that takes care of Via Transilvanica! [for people working in Romania only].
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