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Contribute to trail maintenance.

We have built something unique for Romania. Over 1,400 km of trail need to be maintained and we are also looking to provide new facilities so that every hiker feels as safe as possible on the VT. Contribute to trail maintenance.

I am Alin Uhlmann Ușeriu, president of Tășuleasa Social Association. I started this project called Via Transilvanica because I believe that we need to make stronger links between the deep roots of our history and what we want to build for the future. We want whole generations from now on to know more about our origins, about the country we live in and about what nature in Romania has to offer.

Via Transilvanica links cultures and customs along its approximately 1,400 km route. It's a big project that does justice to the beauty of the places it crosses. At the beginning of August 2022, we completed the development of this long-distance trail.

Your support is invaluable! If you want to get involved in the project you can do so, and the Tășuleasa Social team and I thank you in advance!


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300 lei
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(10.000 lei = 2.000 euro)
2000 euro*
*Payments can be made with Visa or Mastercard cards, but also with PayPal. For PayPal, a conversion is made from lei to euros at the BNR exchange rate of the day the payment is made.
Payments can only be made with Visa or Mastercard.
*Legal entities wishing to purchase a larger number of terminals are asked to write to us by email:
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Redirect 3,5%
Redirect 3,5% from taxes to Tășuleasa Social Association, the founder and the one that takes care of Via Transilvanica! [for people working in Romania only].
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