General information about the trail

The Via Transilvanica measures 1420 kilometers and 32.000 m level difference, including two alternative routes and several loops leading to various points of interest. The route overlaps with forest roads, national, county or municipal roads, easement roads, pastures or other tourist trails. The entire route is divided into seven regions called "lands": Bucovina, Highlands, Terra Siculorum, Terra Saxonum, Terra Dacica, Terra Banatica, Terra Romana. Each county is divided into recommended stages to be covered and the distance of a stage measures on average 20 km. In the Hiking Guide you will find each county and each recommended stage described in detail.

The recommended walking season is from May to October, and preparation for the route requires detailed information from official sources.

Via Transilvanica trail

On this page you can download the entire route in .gpx format. Once downloaded, upload it to your phone in an application that reads such files (GPX Viewer, Garmin, Strava, Locus etc). This type of app helps you to track where you are on the route in real time. To download the .gpx file for a specific region, go to the description of the desired region.


136 km, 6 stages

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277 km, 11 stages

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Terra Siculorum

157 km, 8 stages

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Terra Saxonum

201 km, 10 stages

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Terra Dacica

290 km, 15 stages

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Terra Banatica

232 km, 11 stages

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Terra Romana

135 km, 7 stages

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Google Map of the trail

Another useful tool for information is the Via Transilvanica route map from Google Maps. It contains the entire route, separated by lands.

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