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VT Guide

The Traveler's Guide is one of the most important resources available to hikers. It was written by Szekely Anna, executive director of Tășuleasa Social, who together with a team of women of various ages, has documented the working sections of the trail year after year.

The guide contains an introductory chapter of general tips, then detailed descriptions of the route, divided not just by the seven counties, but even by days, so that planning the hike is intuitive. We estimated the difficulty and duration of the route, with the thought that almost anyone could walk it. For each day of the trail, the guide provides a map, level difference profile, infrastructure information including accommodation, tourist information and a description of the route.

The guide is available in five languages: Romanian, English, German, Hungarian and Spanish. It can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format or purchased as a book from the online shop!

The Hiking Guide is a different kind of hiking guide. It is above all, our love letter and manifesto for the new kind of tourism we want to promote in Romania. Although it is a reliable technical resource, we like to think that above all, the guide is a book to make you want to go on the road. One that will make you long for the duke!

The Traveler's Guide is in constant development. As time goes by, changes may occur along the 1,400 km. Our team does its best to ensure that the information in the guide is updated regularly and corresponds to the reality on the trail.

In addition to the Guide, we have created a series of five videos that will help you prepare for the VT. These will answer questions such as: what do I put in my backpack? how do i dress? what's up with the dogs? But with bears? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEOS.

Biker’s Guide

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