Each kilometer stone will take us one step closer to complete Via Transilvanica trail

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We built already 684 km!

Contribute so we can go further!

Each kilometer stone will take us one step closer to complete Via Transilvanica trail

In case you have decided to acquire a kilometer stone on Via Transilvanica Trail, we would like to inform you that your name, or the name of the person you would gift a kilometer stone to, will be available on the official map on Via Transilvanica's website. More so periodically we will organise a raffle dedicated to all donors. The prizes will be provided in partnerships with our ambassadors, Tibi Ușeriu, Toma Coconea, Marcel Iureș, Andreea Esca, to name a few.


We strongly believe that donors who helped set up at least a kilometer of the Via Transilvanica route have figuratively made it possible for us to put in place a new kilometer stone. With this is mind, we consider they deserve to be part of the Via Transilvanica story. As a sign of gratitude, we will build a Walk of Donors, paved with engraved plates which will be nearby Tășuleasa Social center, on the historically known Ancient Road. Furthermore, these donors will be provided with a miniature kilometer stone as a symbol of their donation.


Down below you can find more details related to all the necessary steps and costs in acquiring a kilometer stone on Via Transilvanica route. Thank you for your interest!

  •   1 andesite milestone
  •   Sculpting and mounting the milestone
  •   Paint milestone on both sides
  •   Transporting the milestone
  •   Installing signs at the crossroads along the trail
  •   Painting / Marking VT Marks
  •   Informing the inhabitants about the route and what this means
  •   Human resources
  •   Communication
  •   Project management 

Number of milestones

1000 Euro*

Payments can only be made with Visa or Mastercard

*The price of 1,000 Euro / Milestone is valid only in the area of the Bistrița Năsăud county and may increase depending on the distance from Tășuleasa Social and involvement from the local authorities.

**Companies that wish to get involved and purchase a larger number of milestones are asked to get in contact with us: [email protected]

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